Steel Souls Company

The Steel Souls Company is a group of mercenaries that have been seen fighting against Desia in the Horde War. Consisting mostly of humans with a scattering of others, the Company has been spotted alongside all of the enemy factions: Lizardfolk, Undead, and Orcs. They have been a part of the conflict since the Western Invasion all the way to the Battle at Castle Desia.

The origin of the Company is as of now unknown. As stated above, humans appear to form the majority, including soldiers and magic users. However, there has been at least one Eladrin, one Halfling, a troglodyte, a werewolf, a banshrae, and a number of Bladelings in the Company. Notable units include cavalry riding armored lizards and the elite mercenary knights. It is estimated that nearly 400 mercenaries met their collective end at the Battle of the Three Bridges before they retreated, but the Company’s numbers up to this point seem endless.


Known Members

  • Regdar – Human Necromancer. Spotted during the first day of the Battle of the Three Bridges assisting Undead in retrieving treasure. Killed by the heroes.
  • Donn – Human Soldier. Served as the leader of a group of bodyguards for the Foulspawn. Almost fought off the heroes, but was eventually beaten and killed.
  • Cirdan – Eladrin Wizard. 3rd Lieutenant of the Company by his own statement. Attempted to prevent the team from escaping with some soldiers and a pet owlbear, but was easily overwhelmed and killed.

Steel Souls Company

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