Purge of Deepwood

The Purge of Deepwood was a battle during the Horde War.

When Deepwood was overrun after the Battle at Deepwood, members of the Steel Souls Company occupied the village for reasons unknown. Alerted to this fact by survivors of the Deepwood Militia, Laesath Aurelia and Mary-Lou Freebush decided to clear out the village of the invaders.

At the time, it was not know that the humans occupying the village were mercenaries, so the pair led Adam Oakgrove and his militia through the forest with a certain degree of caution.

The group soon ran in to several groups of the Company out chopping wood and attacked them, killing them without alerting the rest of the enemies within the village. However, once the group rushed into the village the fight was well and truly on.

The first phase of the fight was relatively easy. The enemy mercenaries, not expecting to have to defend their captured village so soon, were unprepared and rushed out to fight without being fully armored. With Laesath providing the front rank and healing, Mary-Lou bombarding the enemies from afar, and the militia adding coordinated attacks, these first foes were quickly felled. Halfway through the village, however, and the liberators met fully armed soldiers.

Nevertheless, despite the added difficulty, the group triumphed and pushed onward to the town’s inn/meeting hall. Blasting their way into the lobby they quickly killed the guards who had been trying to barricade the door and began clearing the inn portion of the building room by room, often dealing with armored men and almost point-blank crossbow bolts. They managed to recover the money the mercenaries had been taking from the surrounding area after finishing the last foes in the inn section.

When it came time to rush the meeting room, Laeseth barreled through the makeshift barricade only to find several more humans being led by a large orc. Laesath, Mary-Lou, Adam, and the militia began to cuty their way through the guards, but the Orc rushed them and killed one of the militiamen, Peter. However, once Mary-Lou incinerated the crossbowmen in the room the liberators were able to eke out a victory.

On Laesath’s orders one human was taken alive, but the man refused to answer any questions, only assuring his interrogators that they were all doomed. Laesath promptly handed his scythe to Adam and allowed the militia leader the honors.

After looting the corpses of their fallen foes for supplies and gear, and burying poor Peter, the group decided that Deepwood could not be held, and neither did they wish for it to fall into enemy hands once again. So, before leaving for Desia, the put Deepwood to the torch and burned it to the ground, leaving the bodies of the attackers to rot.

Purge of Deepwood

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