Northern Skirmishes

Although the First Defense of Antalya ended in victory for Desia, it did drive home the point that the port city, and by extension the entire northern region of the country, was vulnerable. The area lacked any terrain features for use as defensive barriers, so the Desians resolved to begin a severe build-up of military outposts and way stations to act as a multi-layered defense.

Unfortunately, the invading forces apparently saw through this plan and immediately began assaulting various outposts and small towns, seeking to destroy the defense before it could even begin construction. The Desian Mercenary Corp dispatched a number of teams to the area to help the outposts hold out until regular forces arrived.

One outpost in particular, roughly three miles south of Lennox, came under attack by Undead forces (the first recorded engagement with that faction), although the outpost was only able to report the attack, not the identity of the attackers. LAesath Aurelia and Mary-Lou Freebush were sent to assist the outpost, arriving in-between attacks.

Several waves of armed skeletons hit the outpost over the course of a day, with most of the outposts soldiers and archers fighting from behind the walls and towers. Freebush also took a post in a tower to provide magic support, while Aurelia held his ground outside the gates to confront his foes. The outpost held fast, although several Desian archers were killed.

A few hours before reinforcements were expected to arrive, the Undead tried one final push. Assisted by a human necromancer the skeletons attacked from all sides, and the necromancer managed to spawn several skeletons inside the outpost’s walls. Fierce fighting resulted, with a few more casualties among the Desians, but thanks to the presence of the mercenaries the skeletons were destroyed and the necromancer lost an arm before he retreated. The outpost, as well as the majority of its defenders, survived.

Soon after the promised relief finally reached the outpost, allowing Aurelia and Freebush to head back to the city, and the outpost was soon enlarged and fortified like its fellows all over the North.

The human necromancer was not seen again until The Therai Incident.

Northern Skirmishes

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