LongArm Division

The newest addition to the armed forces of Desia, a elite group that takes orders directly from the King.

Formed from the survivors of the disbanded Desian Mercenary Corp, the new Division was created as a direct response to the new threats introduced by the Horde War. The ‘special forces’ of Desia had previously been considered the Desian Rangers, but the Rangers were primarily intended to act as a defensive force, working to prevent threats from entering Desia. The LongArm Division was meant to be an offensive force, defending Desia by hunting the countries enemies on their home turf.

The Division was officially formed in the aftermath of the Battle of the Three Bridges. High Commander Ike Rison was promoted to command this new division, with his orders coming directly from King Tarmenel. Laesath Aurelia, Mary-Lou Freebush, Cole Strutter, Akarn Battlbriar, Bigg Arudingarthrothfor, and other former mercenaries were given the rank of Lieutenant (although the first five were given the rank of Knight Lieutenant) and formed into five-man teams. More ex-mercenaries, and soldiers like Adam Oakgrove who’d helped Rison manage the Corp, were gathered into an assault force meant to more directly support regular Desian units.

There are twenty 5-man strike teams, and roughly 150 men and women serving in the assault force.

The LongArm Division was quickly baptized in the Battle at Castle Desia on the night of its official creation.

LongArm Division

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