Lizardfolk normally come in two breeds: greenscales and the larger blackscales. The greenscales tend to be the brains of a particular tribe, while the blackscales contribute the tribe’s toughest variety of brawn. Lizardfolk also tend to be rather approachable; they’re no more hostile on a racial level than humans. However, the lizardfolk encountered by Desia during the Horde War violate all types of normality.

First of all is the odd blending of green and black coloration. Originally thought to be hybrids, further research found that it is impossible for such a hybrid to be created naturally. Even if a greenscale and a blackscale were to mate (which is a staggeringly rare occurrence) their offspring would be one or the other, never both. The green and black lizardfolk invading Desia proved to be much more powerful than even the mightiest blackscale ever recorded.

Second, these lizardfolk are anything but approachable. They have not been seen doing anything in Desia that can not be construed as violent and hostile; there are reports from the western parts of the country about the lizardfolk actually eating their victims.

The first recorded engagement with lizardfolk in the War (earlier engagements were only known about later) was the Defense of the Mabinog. The lizardfolk were the first force to cross the river in force, killing the Desian Rangers patrolling the eastern bank and building new bridges across it. It is estimated that they contributed 6,000 fighters to the Battle of the Three Bridges.


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