Horde War

The Horde War is the name for a conflict between the Border nation of Desia and hostile forces originating from the Wilds.

The war earns its name from the opponents Desia faced, and the number of those opponents. Without any warning at all, large hordes of Orcs, Lizardfolk, and Undead poured across the border of the nation in what was called the Western Invasion. These hordes were also joined by a mercenary group, origins unknown. The Desian Grand Army was caught completely unprepared for a conflict of this magnitude and was quickly thrown on the defensive. The Third Army of Desia was forced to retreat, abandoning the western third of the country to enemy occupation. The First and Second Armies were hard-pressed to help the Third escort refugees to safety.

In order to buy the nation time for a counterattack, the Grand Army commissioned its own mercenary group to act as strike teams, sent to conflicts in lieu of regular forces.

From the Western Invasion to the Battle of the Three Bridges, the War waged for four months.

Horde War

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