Fey Bomb

A Fey Bomb is a magic weapon bestowed to Desia by Eladrin allies during the Horde War.

As the War raged on, Desia came to require weapons capable of swift and total destruction of many types of property, both to directly harm their foes and to impede their progress. Conventional weapons using explosive chemicals proved less than ideal: weapons of that kind that were prepared for the Defense of the Mabinog were the size of large chests, had to be hauled into position by two men, and took almost a minute to even prepare for detonation. Their single use was quite nearly a failure, and there is some doubt as to whether or not the heroes would have succeeded in using theirs had not help arrived in time.

Desia’s search for a better weapon was answered by a number of Eladrin wizards who stepped forth and volunteered. Using a variety of crafting and portal spells, the Eladrin created what they called the Fey Bombs. Capable of being easily carried by a single person and detonating in thirty seconds after a single pushed button, the ‘bombs’ were actually portal devices. Up detonating the devices opened a brief portal to a part of the Feywild that overflows with magic energy. The mortal realm does not react well to such a sudden influx of power, and the result is a garish green and purple blast that can incinerate its surroundings.

Produced in limited numbers, the Fey Bombs proved instrumental in the Battle of the Three Bridges, used by Laesath, Cole, and Mary-Lou to destroy the iconic enemy bridges and by Akarn to provide cover for the night-time raids.

Fey Bomb

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