Desian Navy

The Desian Navy was, until the creation of the LongArm Division, the youngest branch of Desia’s military forces. When the port city of Antalya was founded and naval trade began between Desia and other nations, the threat of pirates and other seaborne enemies entered into the country’s life. To safeguard the Desian merchants and Antalya itself, the Desian Navy was created, and a military shipyard established. House Brunel has always supported the Navy, and the current Lord acts as something of a defacto leader for the Navy, helping to manage the logistical aspects of the organization at the least.

Currently there are two greatships which make up the main muscle of the Navy, each commanded by a Captain. The greatship Tarmenel is captained by Valencia Stormborn, and the greatship Sea Wyvern is captained by Ronen Lunel. The greatships largely serve as escorts for merchant convoys, and project Desia’s fledling naval power across the coastline of the Northern Ocean.

A number of much smaller pinnaces serve as Antalya’s defense, inspecting incoming vessels when necessary and acting as a quick attack or rescue force in crisis situations.

Naval crewmen are always armed with at least a dagger, and several are issued crossbows. The Marines of the Navy are basically normal Desian Grand Army soldiers with different insignia who are trained to fight on deck.

Economic experts have noticed a stunning amount of gold vanishing into the military shipyard as of late; it appears that the Navy is planning to expand in the face of the Horde War.

Desian Navy

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