Desian Mercenary Corp

When the Western Invasion of the Horde War began, the Desian Grand Army was caught off-guard and unable to mount a proper defense in time. As an emergency stop-gap measure the Army decided to hire mercenaries to serve as strike teams which would be used in key situations to buy time for the DGA to fully muster.

Due to his family’s background, Commander Ike Rison was pulled from his normal position in the Army and given command of what was dubbed the Desian Mercenary Corp. Given a small office and staff in the second tier of Desia and a near-bottomless access level to the nation’s treasury, Rison was tasked with gathering as many mercenaries as possible as fast possible.

The roster of the Corp was fluid at best, causing an organizational nightmare. Single mercenaries had to be put into teams to maximize effectiveness, which meant the right people had to be put together. Some teams would bicker over price for their jobs or fight amongst themselves. Others would only do a few jobs and would then quit. Thankfully, only one team tried to take the money and flee. They barely made it out of the city, and were promptly executed, keeping the rest in line.

Throughout this chaotic, bureaucratic mess with a whirlwind of missions ranging from rescues to outright assaults on enemy positions Commander Rison began putting together a single team to serve as his elite force. The following two mercenaries were the first ones to catch his eye.

This pair signed up together (although it appeared as if Laesath were following Mary-Lou around against her will), and Rison quickly put them to work. When the pair were sent into the sewers to apprehend a suspected cultist Ike increased their team’s numbers.

This pair came into Desia from Antalya and gladly joined up for the right price. However, after hacking their way through more than a hundred zombies the pair backed out of the job, and Rison sent in a personal friend.

The sewer job went no better as it went on, but after ironing out a few points about teamwork Rison felt he had a good team. However, his chosen team remained split up for some time due to the requirments of missions, although Cole rejoined the cleric and wizard and Akarn and Bigg remained together with Rison until the Battle of the Three Bridges.

Laesath, Mary-Lou, Bigg, and Cole all worked together during the nighttime raids of that battle, and Akarn worked with Slick to provide the others with intelligence and well-timed distractions. By the next morning the full team was finally together. When the Desian line was breached the team plugged the gap, never giving up a single inch of ground to the enemy.

Following the Battle of the Three Bridges the Mercenary Corp was disbanded. Many mercenaries were simply let go but several, including Ike’s chosen five, were commisioned and formed the foundation of the LongArm Division.

Desian Mercenary Corp

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