Desian Grand Army

The Desian Grand Army is the military body of the Border nation of Desia. Its standard is the Desian wyvern in silver, in front of a crossed greatsword and glaive, on a light blue background.

The Grand Army is not just a single army, but is the single organization which encompasses all of Desia’s military forces, with the exception of the Desian Navy. Technically it’s commander is the King, although the tradition is that actual tactics are decided by the leaders of individual units.

The actual Army is divided up into three independent armies, each usually positioned where threats to Desia are most likely to originate (there is no Army posted on the border with Halberbgedia due to the friendly relations with that nation).

There is also an engineering and logistical division, and the Desian Rangers are an off-shoot of the Grand Army. For a time the Desian Mercenary Corp also acted as a part of the Grand Army.

Desian Grand Army

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