is a Border nation, northwest of the Core and sharing its northern border with the Northern Ocean. It’s symbol is a silver wyvern on a light blue field.

Founded 600 years ago by settlers from Halbergedia, Desia is a thriving nation and a shining example of what a Border country should be: well-defended, ambitious, and welcoming to newcomers. It is is currently the most Northwestern Border nation, with Halbergedia to the East and Malton to the South. The Wilds are to the West.


Desia is divided up into a total of nine regions, all of which are usually marked by the government than by a change in terrain. The regions are West, Central, and East, further divided by North and South (i.e., North West, North Central, North East, West Central, Central, East Central, South West, South Central, and South East Desia).

By and large Desia is a nation of plains and forests. In point of fact, the only two terrain features that are not covered in trees and/or grass are the Mabinog River and the DesianMaltonian Mountains. The Mabinog River runs through 2/3rds of Desia, starting at the Westernmost border of North Central and Central, flowing South and providing the border between the Western region and the rest of the nation along its entire length, until it flows into Malton.

The DesianMaltonian Mountains lie along a disputed border between Desia and Malton, providing the Southern border of Desia through South Central and South East. The Mountains are Desia’s main local source for metals, minerals, and stone for construction.


600 years is roughly middle-age for a Border nation, so while it has a large population Desia is still full of large gaps between its settlements. The two most important are Antalya, the port on the Northern Ocean, and the city of Desia, the capital. The name of the capital can lead to some confusion among foreigners, but Desians can generally tell the difference via context.

The rest of the country is spotted with towns, villages, and outposts, ranging from the decently large to single homes. Lennox and Deepwood were once fine examples of Desian villages, although both have since been devastated by recent events.

Minor temples dot the land, although most villages only have a shrine to whatever deity it favors. The notable exception is the Temple of Melora, situated in a forest in West Central Desia.

Desia City

Desia, the capital city, is more of a metropolis. As is common with border countries, the capital was the first settlement founded in the new nation, and for many decades was in fact the only settlement, as new settlers crowded together for safety in the wilds. Despite the eventual branching out of new settlers, the capital continued to attract the majority of newcomers.

The city is divided up into three ‘tiers’, each defended by gatehouses and stone walls fifty feet high. Despite differences in class between citizens, as is to be expected, no one person is restricted to any given sector, for the most part. The content of the tiers is largely dictated by convenience.

The first, outer tier is home to large residential districts, and is also the best place to find an inn to spend the night. As merchants usually go no farther than this tier it is usually the best place to buy goods, and many permanent shops and temporary marketplaces dot the tier. The tier is also home to the temple of Avandra, placed near the Westernmost gate. Corrigan Firesteel’s famous weapon and armor store, Points and Counterpoints, is located here. Finally, a large garrison of the Desian Grand Army and the City Watch are located here.

The second tier also contains several residential districts, but the most noticeable trait of the tier is the large number of temples. Temples to Pelor, Erathis, Bahamut, and Ioun dominate the tier’s skyline, although the temple to the Raven Queen is not much smaller than these. Other, smaller temples are scattered around the tier and are devoted to almost any benevolent god or goddess that can be named. Most evil religions are not tolerated, although the few acolytes of Bane are left alone on account of their strict discipline and willingness to obey the law. The second tier has a few shops, mostly related to domestic items such as clothing and furnishing, and the tier is also the home of several government offices. The office of the Desian Mercenary Corp is located here.

The third tier is the most extravagant, home to Castle Desia and the Royal Family. Originally meant as a bastion for the entire population if the then-town was attacked, the still spacious Castle is the tallest structure in the city. The King’s Own is also garrisoned within the Castle, tasked with defending the King and his family. The third tier is also the home of the noble families who live in the city, although there are a few exceptions to that rule. Finally, the headquarters of the Desian Grand Army is located here.

Originally founded next to a spring, the city now largely depends on magic for its water supply, purifying and transporting water from the Northern Ocean. As its final feature, the city sports a rather advanced sewer system, equipped with a portal system that dumps the waste of the city safely into the elemental chaos. Usually taken for granted by the majority of the citizens, the sewer system nevertheless played host to The Therai Incident.

Government and Military

Desia is a monarchy, and has been under the rule of House Tarmenel since the nation’s founding. The monarchs of Tarmenel enjoy nearly limitless power, technically, but tradition has allowed the Royal House to delegate many duties to better qualified commoners and nobles. The noble House Rison is traditionally the leading force in the military, with their Lord acting in the monarch’s place as commander of the Desian Grand Army, although the current Lord Rison’s illness has changed that. House Karuse is one of the larger economic families, although it by no means dominates the nation’s treasury.

The Desian Grand Army is the military force of the nation, and while it maintains a garrison within the city it is largely posted throughout the country to defend against external threats. The City Watch is tasked with policing the city’s citizens.

Foreign Affairs

Thanks to its port at Antalya, Desia maintains prosperous trading relationships with many countries, stretching all along the coast of the Northern Ocean and to whomever else trades with nations on that coast. Halbergedia, Desia’s ‘parent nation’, also maintains friendly relations with Desia. Malton, to the South, is not on friendly terms with Desia. In addition to the normal tension between two neighboring, rapidly expanding Border countries, there is a dispute over ownership of the DesianMaltonian Mountains. Several conflicts have occurred between the two countries, many of them simply over where exactly the border in these resource-rich mountains is. Malton is also suspected, although it has never been proved, of being behind some of the unsolved assassination attempts against House Tarmenel over the centuries.


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