Defense of the Mabinog

The Defense of the Mabinog was a series of three battles during the Horde War in Desia.

Desia, mostly a nation of flat plains and forests, and with its border sundered, largely lacked the terrain it needed to form a tangible defenseive perimteter. However, between the Western and Central sections of the Mabinog River split most of the nation, with a portion in the North being the only exception. Deciding to use the River as a defensive barrier was the best idea for stopping the advancing hordes short of the city itself. However, three bridges extended over the River was, while guarded, were far from being secured.

One bridge was easily secured, units of the Third Army of Desia destroying it when they retreated across the river. A group of Desian Rangers who retreated to the second one augmented its defenses and held out until help arrived. No official military units were heading to help the third bridge, however, so Commander Ike Rison ordered his best team in the Desian Mercenary Corp to rush to the bridge’s assistance while mounted troops rallied to relieve them.

By the time Laesath Aurelia and Mary-Lou Freebush arrived at the Southern Mabinog Bridge, the guards had already fought off several groups of Orcs and a handful of mercenaries. Of the ten guards, three had already been killed. The pair and the guards hunkered down behind a barricade for two days and weathered several more waves of Orcs, even bringing down a Troll that followed one wave in. However, on the second day the Lizardfolk made their appearance, the first time they participated in the War. While club-wielding hyrbrids rushed across the bridge, elite forces on giant wasps overflew it and killed the two archers in the guard squad. Several guards fell, and the defenders began to contemplate destroying the bridge and attempting to retreat. However, they pulled through and defeated the Lizardfolk, even killing one wasp-born foe who tried to retreat and report to his fellows. When that last enemy fell only a single guard and the guard commander were still alive, and Aurelia and Freebush were badly worn down. And there was no sign of help in sight.

Meanwhile, back in the city, Commander Rison was distraught to learn that there had been a delay with the forces tasked to relieving his team, for some reason that is still not entirely clear. Taking things in his own matters he quickly retasked another mercenary pair, Captain Cole Strutter and Akarn. These two rushed with all haste, accompanied by Rison with the addition of Adam Oakgrove and his Deepwood Militia, finally reaching the bridge and its embattled defenders as another wave of Lizardfolk attacked.

The guard commander fell before the reinforcements could help, but the Lizardfolk were beaten back and the bridge secured in short order, held until the tardy cavalry could arrive. While Rison berated the cavalry and attempted in vain to find out the cause, the mercenaries healed their wounds and returned to the city to await their next mission.

The Defense of the Mabinog is an important fight for a number of reasons. It marks the first meeting of the many of the mercenaries who would later grow to be the core of Rison’s best team. The delay with the cavalry is one of many strange occurences in the War that ahs still not been figured out. And the fighting helped establish, at last, a defense for Desia. However, with the introduction of the amphibious Lizardfolk, the River was not nearly as impervious as previously thought, which led directly to the Battle of the Three Bridges.

Defense of the Mabinog

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