City Watch

Desia’s City Watch is the guard and law enforcement unit of the capital city of Desia.

While the Desian Grand Army and its various branches protect the country at large and the city itself from outside antagonists, the City Watch keeps the peace and protects the city from internal threats. Capable of deputizing citizens, the Watch can number anywhere from 4,000 to 15,000 Watchmen, depending on the current situation within the city. In addition to policing the city the Watch also provides a reserve for the city’s defense should the Grand Army fall.

The Watch is visually indistinguishable from the Grand Army, wearing the same basic uniforms and using the same variety of weapons. Only the badges of rank allow one to discern between a Grand Army trooper and a Watchman.

The Watch’s numbers swelled during the Horde War as Desia anticipated having to defend the city itself. It was a City Watch investigation that led to The Therai Incident, although the Desian Mercenary Corp ended up finishing the Watch’s mission.

City Watch

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