A walled town in Desia that lies near the very southwestern edge of what can be considered Antalya’s sphere of influence, Cashel was once the most _north_western settlement in all of Desia. As this was a few centuries ago, the Desian Grand Army and its offshoots did not exist in the strength they do today, so Cashel was built with a wooden palisade. As the years went by the palisade was replaced with a stone wall, and the militia with Grand Army guards. Even today, the stone wall stands, although it required expansion several times and often has to be repaired due to its age.

Originally a simple outpost intended to service scouts and explorers traveling further west, Cashel eventually settled down to a more permanent existence, and its outlying farms and ranches provide a fair amount of food for the region, including a healthy portion of Antalya’s non-marine diet. Roughly 2,000 people live in Cashel itself full-time, with several hundred more living on the outlying settlements. Economically, the most interesting facet of Cashel is a small guild of ritual casters who specialize in nature spells: Cashel gets more harvests per season thanks to their ability to alter the weather and more bountiful harvests because of their abilities in encouraging plant growth.

The Town of Cashel was one of the settlements defended by Desia in the Northern Skirmishes, with Desia winning a victory there over the Orcs who’d come to pillage it. Rowan of Cashel earned some minor fame as a hometown heroine for her part in the battle, and Cashel’s continued existence contributed to the distributed defense responsible for the successful Second Defense of Antalya.

Currently, Cashel is serving as a waypoint and a supply depot, principally for refugees hoping to return to their homes in the west, but also for certain units of the Second Army fighting to facilitate the refugees’ homecoming.


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