The Border consists of the nations currently farthest from the Core and adjacent to the Wilds; in short, frontier nations.

Border nations tend to have a certain set of characteristics. First, they tend to have the largest militaries in comparison to nations in the Core and the Middle Lands, in part because of the dangers of the Wilds and in part because of the ambitions of other countries. Several times throughout history Border nations have fought amongst themselves for dominance of natural resources, and there have even been a few instances of Middle Land countries attempting to conquer a younger neighbor.

Second, they tend to consist of one large city, the capital, and then a series of much smaller towns and villages. Multiple cities do not usually appear until the country in question is quite old, as with all the room to expand there is no need for people to submit themselves to overcrowding. There have been exceptions, especially since the Border reached the Northern Ocean.

Examples of Border nations include Desia and Malton.


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