Battle at Castle Desia

Roughly one week after the Battle of the Three Bridges, King Tarmenel and the leaders of the Desian Grand Army held a large public ceremony to award those who had served with distinction so far in the Horde War. The ceremony served two other purposes. First was the announcement that the Grand Army’s Second Army, fresh from its own victory at the Second Defense of Antalya, would be soon deployed to retake the portions of the country lost during the War. Second, the King anounced the creation of the LongArm Division. After the ceremony there was a large feast within Castle Desia, with the new Division’s members among the guests.

However, as everyone was turning in, the torches throughout the Castle were snuffed out. Undead warriors and mercenaries of the Steel Souls Company began teleporting withing the Castle, apparently bypassing the Castle’s magical wards (although teleportating invaders who attempted to breach the strongest wards near the King’s chambers met quick and grisly ends).

The invaders seemed to focus on killing a number of high profile targets: the Royal Family, any Desian nobles they could find, high-ranking officers, and the Knight Lieutenants of the LongArm Division. Among the invaders were mercenary knights, the Steel Souls’ best front-line troops. The undead present also all displayed a matching symbol: bronze chains. Either as part of their clothing or as a tatoo of some kind, the undead all bore this unifying theme.

Although casualties were heavy on both sides, and the undead leader proved deadly, the invaders were eventually wiped out. The Battle seemed to be a change of tactics on the part of the invaders, trying to cut off the head instead of slaying the body. The invasion into the Castle prompted the King to order the LongArm Division to hunt down and destroy the enemy leaders.

Battle at Castle Desia

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