Sir Knight Lieutenant Captain Cole Strutter


Sir Knight Lieutenant Captain Cole Strutter is truly the personification of the phrase jack of all trades. He has dipped into the worlds of martial, arcane, and primal power. If it weren’t for the lengthy and boring process of learning divine magic he would have tried that as well. Having no place among elves or humans Cole sought a life of adventure at sea. His wanderlust is remarkably strong and he rarely remains in one place for long, unless of course it is interesting enough.

Being a born adventurer and sailing the seas it isn’t surprising that Cole eventually found his way into the career of a preemptive salvage expert…or pirate if you want to speak plainly. Being an unusually long living half-elf, through a stronger elf side or magic no one knows, Cole doesn’t really know how old he is. This may seem odd but Cole, like any true sailor, likes to drink. Especially rum. Because of this Cole tends to find himself in some port city or on a ship getting drunk and wake up elsewhere with no recollection of his recent past. He always remembers his name and his personality doesn’t change much but what he can do often does as he gets bored and wants to learn new things.

After his most recent awakening Cole has yet to drink to the point of forgetting himself. It has been around thirty years. Cole sees this as a record and personal best…But since he doesn’t remember he is really just guessing. Recently Cole woke up vaguely remembering he used to be a musician of sorts and told stories. Finding that too boring he decided to instead do anything and everything he could instead to be the type of person who songs and tales were told about for ever. This didn’t really change his behavior much it just became his new justification.

Because of his natural adventurous personality and overall eccentricity Cole has become notorious for doing things that are new, creative, unbelievable, reckless, and some would say plain old stupid. He was pleasantly surprised to again become grouped with Akarn after several years. He first met Akarn in a forest while he was wondering around looking for a nymph he heard stories about in a bar.

Upon meeting Akarn he helped him save a saber tooth tiger from poachers. After that they both stumbled into a druid camp and sought to learn the ways of the druid, Akarn to become closer to nature and Cole just thought it would be fun and different. Everything was going fine until Cole was discovered eating meat with a metal fork and smoking one of the druid’s sacred plants. Akarn was rudely awakened napping on a tree as Cole came running with many angry druids behind him. He told Akarn to run and grudgingly agreed and followed Cole. They never saw the druids again and had a few adventures after that before parting ways again, Akarn went back to the forest and Cole just simply went.

While he prides himself on being a great captain he has trouble keeping a ship for a very long time. Whether it gets stolen, blown up, or sunk he tends to find himself in search of a new one. Contrary to popular belief his frequent loss of ships is not always his fault and in spite of it all he always gets out alive and usually with his crew as well. His fascination with ships and “preemptive salvage” goes back so far he can’t remember.
One story always sticks out in his mind and he is never sure if it actually happened or if he just made it up. At the tender age of 8 he somehow jury-rigged a staff of mage hand and hedge wizards gloves to be able to control and steer an airship by himself. The ship crashed shortly thereafter when he was running away from the people who owned it. Cole maneuvered admirably but was shot down by their heavily armed ornithopters when he refused to stop. As he crawled from the wreckage one of the ornithopters landed and a beautiful woman stepped out to apprehend Cole. The eight year old simply dusted himself off, looked her up and down, and emphatically said, “How you doing?”

Sir Knight Lieutenant Captain Cole Strutter

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