The Baelnorn


The Baelnorn has displayed powers which include Fey Ire (a burst of radiant light), teleportation, the ability to project a decoy of himself, the ability to put victims into a trance and dominate them, the ability to inflict mental damage via visions, and sapping the energy from his victims, weakening them. Presumably, like all liches, he has a phylactery, but it has never been seen.


The Baelnorn first made himself known during the Battle at Castle Desia, apparently leading the undead portion of that fight. He appeared within the King’s living chambers at about the same time as the heroes arrived, with a battle wight bodyguard and a vampire troll accompanying him. His clothing was draped in the same bronze chains that all of the undead at the Battle were wearing, although the quantity and quality of the chains seemed to denote his status.

He seemed equally eager to kill the heroes and the Royal Family in no particular order, gladly focusing on the heroes when they challenged him. He proved himself to be particularly sadistic, often dominating his foes and forcing them to attack one another, and using their own memories against them. When he was eventually defeated, he vanished into dust, but not before mocking the heroes and assuring them that he and “my Emperor” would be victorious yet. As no phylactery was discovered, it can be assumed that the Baelnorn has returned from whence he came, and shall likely be seen again.

The Baelnorn

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