Akarn Battlebriar


Akarn was raised among the Elves of Akelnan, a secret city buried within miles of forest and surrounded by treacherous mountain ranges. The Battlebriar family was well known for its talented rangers, so it was no surprise when Akarn picked up a scimitar and began learning the art of hunting and tracking his prey throughout the forest. He excelled at his chosen profession from an early age, but he always found that something made it difficult to enjoy his work. Not only was the role of hunter a job for Akarn among the Elves, it also was expected of him: his parents and the elder of Akelnan had placed much of their hopes upon him to succeed and lead future generations of the fey in their hunting for centuries to come. Tasked with becoming a dedicated protector of Akelnan, Akarn spent the first half-century of his life training in the safe haven of the Elves. On his seventy-first birthday, Akarn was made an officer among the guard of Akelnan.

One day, nearly eighty years later, as he was performing his duties and searching the perimeter of the city’s outer limits, Akarn happened to run into a man named Cole. Surprised and initially alarmed by this intruder, Ararn was reluctant to hear him out. He soon found out that Cole spoke Elven and learned that he had inadvertently stumbled into the borders of Akelnan. Shortly after this happened, Akarn heard a loud cry in the distance and ran to see what had happened. Cole followed after him, eager to see what fight might break out or what crazy animal he might see. The pair came upon a sabretoothed cat fighting off a group of poachers that were attempting to kill it for its hide. Akarn and Cole leaped into the battle and fought off the poachers, all of whom managed to run away with their lives and limbs mostly intact, except for one man whose face had been badly clawed by the cat.

Akarn had never felt as alive as when he had fought with the cat at his side, and he felt some great burden lifted from him. This was the answer to all of his unhappiness: though he revered and loved his elders, Akarn had never truly felt connected to them. Now he had found a companion that he felt the need to protect and knew would do the same for him. The cat came to Akarn’s side after the battle and nuzzled his hand gently. Their friendship was sealed when Akarn presented the cat with a piece of deer jerky that he had been saving. When the three had all bandaged up the worst of their wounds, Akarn turned to go back to his city and report to his elders. The cat would not follow; it turned to look at Akarn but instead turned and went the other way. Despite what his thoughts told him, Akarn wanted to stay with the cat and he instead followed it and left his home behind. Cole also decided to see where the cat would lead him and joined with them.

Several hours later, the cat had returned to its home: the secret treetop village of the Akelnan druids. Akarn had heard rumors of the druids, living even deeper among the forest than his city. Among the dense trees and choking vegetation, the cat had led them to this ancient and mysterious seat of primal power. Here the druids gathered in the shadows of ancient redwoods and stood as the last line of defense against the evils that beset the great forest. Their help had not been needed in a great long time, and many had forgotten their existence among the natives of the vast, untamed wilderness.

Once they had been discovered, Akarn and Cole were questioned by the druids, who were curious to know how two inexperienced adventurers could have wandered into their grove. The two were brought before an elder council of the druids, and their verdict was an ultimatum: either they must forfeit their lives or remain at the grove and learn the ways of the druid. Akarn felt such relief at hearing this, for it had been his secret desire upon finding the druids to be real and alive. Cole had no idea what he was getting himself into, but he also agreed that it would be the better choice—if for no other reason than to save his own neck! During the time that they spent training, Akarn and Cole grew closer and eventually called each other friend. Cole told many tales of his voyages at sea and his experience in all manner of battles. Akarn was especially interested in ranks among armies, and he enjoyed this system so much that he named his cat Colonel. The forest was not a home for Cole, and eventually he sought to escape the secret life of the order. When the druids learned of his plans, they attempted to imprison both Akarn and Cole in their territory. Realizing that his freedom was more important than maintaining his rigid lifestyle among that druids, Akarn left the grove and followed Cole. Colonel was not far behind them, sneaking his way past the furious druids.

Akarn and Colonel wandered the forest for almost twenty years. They said goodbye to Cole not long after their escape from the druids, but Akarn had the suspicion their paths would cross again. Now, Akarn has rejoined Cole in the service of Desia, believing that in the battle between good and evil the only wrong choice is to opt out completely. Akarn has chosen the side that he believes is just, and he also believes that nature itself is in accordance with his decision. His years spent as a druid mastering the forces of nature and learning its most powerful secrets have led him to trust his instincts—he knows there is a fight coming, and he intends to be there with the forces of nature at his side.

Akarn Battlebriar

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