Valencia Stormborn

Captain of the Tarmenel, a Sailor and a Sorceress.


Valencia was born in the Desian port city of Antalya during the worst storm ever seen by the city’s population. But even as waves slammed into the docks and lightning struck buildings and ship alike, Antalya’s newest citizen was born.

However, her mother only survived long enough to give her a first name, and the father was unknown. Taken into an Antalyan orphanage, her caretakers began calling her Stormborn. It didn’t even take a decade for the appropriateness of the name to become apparent.

Valencia manifested a talent for natural magic, sorcery, before she saw her tenth year. Storm magic, lightning and thunder, was her gift and she caused no small amount of trouble before learning to control it.

Upon coming of age and leaving the orphanage, Valencia was quickly drawn to the sea. She spent a year or two moving from ship to ship, company to company, before enlisting in the fledgling Desian Navy. Her connections to the power of the storm allowed her to distinguish herself twice over, first as an invaluable crewmember during foul weather and then in one of the Navy’s engagements with pirates. Climbing the ranks she was given the rank of Captain and command of the greatship Tarmenel by Lord Brunel himself.

Captain Stormborn isn’t as experienced in navigation or diplomacy as her fellow Captain Ronen Lunel, but the Tarmenel is the ship trusted the most to get through any enemy, whether its nature itself or violent brigands.

Valencia Stormborn

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