General Krueger

A Halfing General, commander of the First Army of Desia


A halfing sporting black hair and a tan thanks to two thirds of his left spent outdoors. Wears plate armor and a light shield, wields a shortsword in combat. The shield displays his family’s crest, a depiction of the Mabinog River on a white field.


Krueger stands out as the only halfling to ever reach the rank of General in Desia’s 600 year long history, and he certainly earned it. The scruffy little fighter earned his Sergeant’s pips fighting Malton in the DesianMaltonian Mountains decades ago, and he’s been in every single conflict with Malton since, including the last large war. The Halfling General quickly climbed the ranks, earning those promotions and a hoard of medals with his quick-thinking and ever-changing tactics. Such warfare was ideal for the treacherous terrain of the mountain range, and on several occasions the actions of units under his command directly led to stunning Desian victories. He earned the rank of General during the last war by negotiating a treaty with a tribe of Goliaths living in the area, by single-handedly defeating the tribe’s champion. The alliance with the Goliaths allowed the Desians to crush their foes, and the Maltonians haven’t tried again since.

He was put in charge of the First Army, and has spent most of the years since drilling his men and patrolling the mountains, rarely returning to the River where he came from. He finally returned for the Battle of the Three Bridges, although not before putting precautions in place lest the Maltonians try to take advantage of the situation.

General Krueger

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