King Tarmenel

Lloyd Tarmenel, Ninth of His House to Sit the Desian Throne.


House Tarmenel has ruled Desia since its creation 600 years ago, through a line of Kings and Queens that have largly served the nation well. Lloyd Tarmenel, the current King, is perhaps the finest example yet.

The King is well-loved by the majority of his people, due in part to his refusal to seperate himself from them. The third tier of Desia City, where Castle Desia is located, is open to all. The King himself is just as willing to welcome a commoner to his throne room as he is a noble. Furthermore, the King makes a habit of touring the City as often as possible, and the entire kingdom at least once a year. His journeys into the city do not just include government business or trips to the temple of Bahamut. No, many of his travels are simply walking the streets and meeting with the people, which pleases the people and drives many soldiers of the King’s Own into nervous breakdowns. One such trip was how he met his wife, Queen Alexandra.

He is also willing to share power with the nobles. However, he refuses to give up overall command of many aspects of Desian life, believing this would lead to chaos as the nobles bickered over their power. This has led to some nobles resenting the King, although only the bravest openly defy the beloved leader.

King Tarmenel

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