Lord Karuse


Lord Fergus Karuse is a typical scion of his House: filthy rich, miserly to a fault, and conservative. He is, the words of Lord Rison, “obnoxious, and disliked” by most of the nobility in Desia. Despite this, he is an invaluable member of said nobility. In the tradition of his House he has a good head for business and has helped the Royal Treasury prosper just as much as his own.

Fergus was grudgingly tolerant of the Desian Mercenary Corp and completely against the LongArm Division. Fergus argues that for the amount of money used to pay and equip the ‘Division’ (he is quick to point out that is an enlarged company at best) entire battalions of traditional, and reliable, Desian troopers could be trained and equipped.

Lord Karuse and Captain Cole Strutter have exchanged words on the matter in public, with Strutter using the track record of the Corp to justify the existence of the Division to the onlookers. Karuse stormed off, clearly the loser of that round, but he’s not the kind of man to let such things pass unanswered.

Lord Karuse

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