Deepwood Militia

Survivors of their defeated militia, these men continue to defend their homeland even after their own homes are gone.


Desians who were originally militiamen of the village of Deepwood, these auxiliary fighters charged into battle to defend their homeland with little more than leather armor, javelins, and some hope. Now the two survivors have become better skilled and better equiped, having formally enlisted in the Grand Army to a makeshift team of the LongArm Division.


When the Horde War began and the western region of Desia was being overrun, each town and village turned out its own militia to defend itself. Under the command of Militia Leader Adam Oakgrove the Deepwood men decided that they could not hold their homes. So, sending their families to the city, the militia dug in to serve as a distraction, allowing the civilians to escape.

When it was over, most of the twenty men were dead and the rest were captured. And as night fell and the prisoners fell into the hands of Orcs, several more were murdered. But Laesath and Mary-Lou Freebush, on their first mission with the Desian Mercenary Corp, arrived and killed the Orcs holding them prisoner. Adam and the mercenaries decided to clear Deepwood of hostile forces, and so the militia marched back to their home with only four men under Adam’s command: Peter, Julian, Tammer, and Lane.

The conquerers of Deepwood, mostly hostile humans, were all killed in the ensuing battle. Peter, however, was killed while fighting the enemy’s Orc chief. The latest lost man of Deepwood was buried in the town of his birth shortly before it was decided to burn Deepwood to deny the town to the enemy for good.

The three remaining militamen followed their leader back to the city, where they all came under the wing of Commander Ike Rison. The Commander took the Deepwood Militia survivors under his wing, using them as a personal escort on missions. This included bringing the Militia to the Battle of the Three Bridges. The Battle was a success, with the Militia providing support for Rison, Bigg, and Akarn, although Lane was killed during the Ogre charge that nearly shattered the Desian line of battle.

Tammer and Julian survived Three Bridges and were formally enlisted as Troopers in the LongArm Division, remaining under Adam’s command and serving as part of the Divison’s ‘regulars’. The pair wear the normal chain mail and wield glaives.

Deepwood Militia

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