The Raven Queen

The Goddess of Death, Winter, and Fate, the Lady of Letherna and the Shadowfell.


The Raven Queen, the original name of whom has been lost to time, rarely shows her face. She is most commonly seen in a black robes and hood, with raven feathers serving as trim and her symbol on the back of the robes.


In ancient times not too long after the Primordial War, the God of the Dead Nerull sought to make the spirit of a dead sorceress his consort and slave. The spirit rejected him, and led an uprising of the dead spirits in Nerull’s realm and overthrew the God. For overthrowing the tyrant the deities elevated the spirit to their ranks, making her the Goddess of Death, and eventually the Lady of Winter and Fate as well. This Goddess became known only as The Raven Queen.

She is widely worshipped, as her aspects are pervavise in mortal lives, and many seek her blessing to escort their souls through the Shadowfell and into eternity. She is, in other words, their guardian against undeath.

Oddly enough, she shares a sort of kinship with one of her opponents, Vecna, the God of Undeath. Both were mortals who rose to godhood after the Primordial War and are thus, despite the long eons, both regarded as something akin to the ‘new kids on the block.

The Raven Queen

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