Corrigan Firesteel

"If you're looking for equipment that Moradin could be proud of, then I'm your dwarf!"


Owner and Master Craftsman of the store Points and Counterpoints, Corrigan is widely regarded throughout Desia as the best source of weapons, armor, and gear in the entire city. He spends most of his time directing his numerous apprentices and aides in their work, saving his personal expertise for important and/or interesting projects.

He is usually strongly opposed to the process of bargaining. What he charges is what he honestly believes the item in question to be worth, and to take any less is foolish. However, he is known to at times give discounts to repeat customers and the military.

Having a solid business in place, there are really only two things which will truly spark his interest: new ideas to tinker with, and new building materials with which to work.

Corrigan Firesteel

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