"Who am I? Well, who would you like me to be?"


Not very much is actually known about Slick, not even his real name. In his ‘natural’ form he’s a changeling of average height for his species, wearing his silver hair in a close cut like most members of the Desian Grand Army. Exactly when he enlisted, whether or not he was born in Desia in the first place, or even what unit he is actually assigned to is not widely known. Some rumors persist that ‘Slick’ is actually a nickname that several changelings use. However, it is known that if a unit commander makes it clear to his superiors that he needs someone for an infiltration or recon mission, Slick will soon make an appearance and offer his services.

Recently, he helped to identify the leader of the Cult of Vecna skulking around in Desia’s sewer system and participated in the night time raids of the Battle of the Three Bridges. A human believed to be Slick by those in the know was given a medal for deliberately vague reasons in the post-battle ceremonies.


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