Ike Rison

A High Commander in the Desian Grand Army, Commander of its LongArm Division.


Level 12 Elite Soldier (Leader)
Initiative: + 6
HP: 193
AC: 28
Fortitude: 26
Reflex: 23
Will: 20
Speed: 5
Equipment: Bastard Sword, Plate Armor, Heavy Shield

Bastard Sword: + 20, 1d10 + 7 damage, and the target is marked until the end of Ike’s next turn.

Battle Lord Tactics: Ike and his allies gain 1d6 damage against targets that Ike has flanked.

Battle Talent: Ike can score a critical hit on a roll of 19 or 20.

Inspiring Assault: Whenever Ike scores a critical hit he and all allies within 5 squares regain HP equal to half his level (6).


The Heir of House Rison, Ike is currently a High Commander of the Desian Grand Army and a Knight of the Realm, destined to take his father’s place as a Lord. Having joined the DGA at an early age Ike attained the success that was expected of him as a Rison, although the relative peace on Desia’s border denied him the chance to actually shine as a military commander.

When the Horde War began and the DGA formed the Desian Mercenary Corp as a stop-gap, then-Commander Ike was given command because of his family’s history. Although he originally resented being stuck in what was basically a desk job, Ike quickly worked the Corp into much more than a stop-gap, in large part thanks to our heroes. On several occasions he left the desk behind and took up armor and sword to help his beleaguered forces, culminating in the Battle of the Three Bridges.

For his service directing the heroes in their mission and leading a company of mercenaries during the first day of the Battle he received a battlefield promotion to High Commander, and continued directing his troops and fighting throughout the night. On the second day of the battle he played a minor, if crucial, part in plugging the gap in the line caused by the rush of the ghouls.

When the heroes were given their commissions and their own knighthoods, Ike was given command of the LongArm Division birthed from the remnants of the Corp. As the strike teams were dispatched to the Wilds and to the border with Malton, Ike took command of the Division’s company-sized assault force and began leading them in vanguard duty for the Second Army of Desia as they began to retake the western part of the nation. He maintains communications with the strike teams via a number of specially made sending stones.

Ike Rison

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