Fury of the Lost One

The Story Until Now . . .

Almost three months ago, Desia’s western border was overrun by hostile forces of varied type and in numbers overwhelming. Unable to immediately rally their army in sufficient numbers, the Desians sent out the call for mercenaries willing to defend the nation for a good price. As battles raged over sundered towns, besieged outposts, and crucial bridges, one particular group of these mercenaries began to rise above their brethren as a team that Desia can depend on in the darkest of hours. A lecherous human cleric of the Raven Queen, a capitalist eladrin wizard, a towering dragonborn fighter, a half-elf Captain without a ship, and an elven rogue with a death wish have fought together (and sometimes fought amongst themselves) to turn the tide of the war. But right now, with thousands dead on the field of battle and an undead horde with reptilian allies bearing down on them, their very survival depends on their skill . . .

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