Fury of the Lost One

The Interim Part 2, and the Start of the March . . .

Last days in Desia, and the start of the mission . . .

Bigg had been spending most of his free time practicing his fighting techniques at a Desian barracks in the second tier of the city, and he had decided to spend one last time sparring with the soldiers there. To his surprise, the delegation from New Arkhosia was already there, and not nearly as surprised to see him in turn.

Their leader made a request of Bigg: a duel against two of his group, to judge the strength of the Desian dragonborn. Not one to turn down a fight, Bigg agreed to fight the red-skinned dragonborn warrior and the green-skinned cleric.

What followed was a rout if ever there was one. Although the New Arkhosians were obviously no slouches at combat, Bigg dominated the field. At times it seemed that his opponents’ blows weren’t even hurting him. When the pair had been battered into unconsciousness, the delegation seem shocked as the local Desians cheered for Bigg, although their leader seemed more thoughtful than surprised. As a gift, Bigg was given the armor and weapons of the dragonborn he’d defeated, with no hard feelings from the losers.

Their business in Desia done, the group set out on their mission, crossing the Mabinog River and beginning the march across Western Desia towards the Wilds. On their third night they stumbled across a camp of Steel Souls Company mercenaries, apparently survivors of the Battle of the Three Bridges who had been left behind when their Company fled the battle. The mercenaries were arguing amongst themselves, some wishing to further harass the Desians but others wishing to travel south to Malton, where it seemed the rest of their fellows were gathering.

The party attacked the mercenary camp and killed most of the stragglers, including a troglodyte and a werewolf, but a human swordmaster and a banshrae of no small ability managed to slip beyond their grasp and vanish into the darkness of night and the cover of the tall grass.



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